Pay Off Home Loan Rapidly

To pay your home loan off quickly is what we all want and I will show you a way where this will allow you still live life to the fullest whilst your home is in the process of getting paid off.

Why would you work the hard way to pay off your home when there are easier way’s to do it?

I receive so many emails from clients asking me how is this possible?.

You see most people in Australia paying off their home are making extra payments to get the home loan down as fast as possible, and in the process they restrict themselves and family to the pleasures in life, which is the right thing to do if you want to pay off your home, however…you do have options to get your money working smarter for you.

Let’s say you took (for this example) $100 a week and put it into holding an investment property.

What we are doing is leveraging, yes you need to start working smart and not hard, remember that.

You purchase an Investment property. Now if we look at the history of property, it has doubled in value every 7-10 years, right?

And we also know that with inflation, capital growth and rental will also go up, but the loan will always stay the same amount. Right?

With this method you need to make sure you’re purchasing in a good capital growth area, or an area with potential for greater capital growth.

This is 1 of the 30 criteria’s we use when recommending an Investment Property to our clients. (I can refer you to some ideal investments that have great potential for capital growth, when your in a position to invest).

Secret Revealed At Last
You pay your normal repayments on your home and hold the Investment Property until it has doubled in value and then sell it to pay your home off – there you go!

You see we can only work so hard and we are only going to get a certain amount of pay per hour, but with an Investment Property we can leverage ourselves.

Your investment might be worth $300,000. If it experiences capital growth of only 5% there is $15,000 profit and it might only have cost you $5,000 for the year to hold it.

What would you say if the bank or your Superfund announced that, what ever you put into your account this year we will pay you the double figure?

You would be screaming ” Where do I put my money, right?”

Well tell me what happens if you experience a great year of capital growth and you make 20% capital gain? That’s an extra $60,000! You couldn’t save that in a year right?

The reason why this is, is because when you deal in big numbers the profit is also big. Don’t be afraid of this because remember, you are not responsible for the loan.

You have the tenant paying for almost half of the loan and the tax man paying another 25% of the loan and they are helping you along the way.

But as I always say, when you start with Investing always look at your “comfort-ability level” and don’t exceed that.

Start off with one property and once you are comfortable with debt and owning an Investment Property, you can move on to your second and so on.

If you have been putting off deciding whether Property Investment is for you or not, don’t….. as there are too many long-term benefits to gain from when it’s done properly.

I hear people say, “We are thinking about doing it, but not just yet”.
I say, what are you waiting for?
When is it ever the right time to do Anything?

The only time you move ahead in life is when you decided to do something about it, that’s it.

Five years will pass and you will still regret not doing it…

“3 Diseases That Kill Your Success”
Do You Suffer From Any One Of These?

Procrastinator: Always putting things off.

Thinker: Just keeps on thinking what to do, like the guy that waits for everyone else to jump in the water before he does.

Detailitis: Needs to have everything in order before he can do anything,
Eg- Makes sure all the items on the shelf are pointing in the right direction.

Remember life is too short to think about it and to waste time- I say do it NOW!

I know that you need guts to do it, but like anything, once you have done it, you will wonder why you were so hesitant and wish you had made the move years ago.

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Wishing you all the success,

Dino F. Livanidis,

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