Foolish Boys Remix

Foolish Boys Remix Song Download Mp3 by , Song 2023. Foolish Boys Remix is sung by , , music by Bizzy Banks And Lyrics By G4 Boyz.

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Foolish Boys Remix

Vocal/Singer ,
Music Comsposer Bizzy Banks
Lyricist G4 Boyz
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Foolish Boys Remix Lyrics Bizzy Banks, G4 Boyz

She say don’t play me
Why would I want too?
I’ma scammer
But I promise I won’t scam you
(I promise)
She know I’m lying
Cause I’m going too
(Let’s go)
Cause I’m like that
Let’s go

You ain’t get that car till cover hit
I ain’t dumb
You ain’t get that watch till Covid hit
I ain’t dumb
I seen your name on that loan list lil buddy
I ain’t dumb
Hating on the scammers but you really wanna be them

Rest in peace to Virgil but I don’t really rock no off white
New bitch Jamican but she said she love jollof rice
Some Wizkid, she say she love some of Davido
They know I keep that burna boy
Had niggas running like cardio

Kooo kooo…

Pieces still hitting
Thinking that they scam
Got they ppp loans forgiven
We really in the field
All these glass checks be hitting
You could go ask starlets
Ain’t no chick we ain’t hit

Them guys don’t scam
Oh, you we think we capping
My dog just copped bussdown
But he don’t do no rapping
Made a movie last night
But chale we don’t do no acting
These guys ain’t active
Acting like they put in action

Grah grah
You know somebody dying
Chick said
She don’t fuck with rappers
You know that bitch was lying
G4 community
The only I thing trust
Fake on scammers on telegram
They all trying to be us

If I ain’t got no gun
You know I punch him in his mouth
If clone cards don’t swipe
You know I punch in any amount
All of the banks they know me
All id’s is phoney
My African girl cooks me fufu
Said I was getting too boney