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Bronx Father Faces Sentencing for Fatally Smothering Infant Son Amidst His Cries

Wrapped in the heart-wrenching folds of a tragic tale, a 31-year-old man from the Bronx, Teshawn Watkins, has been sentenced to a haunting decade in prison for a crime that pierced the very soul of humanity. The judge’s gavel echoed with a somber decree, condemning Watkins to spend five to 10 years behind cold, unforgiving bars, followed by five years of post-release supervision. ( đź”— Chaos As Protesters Besiege White House, Throw Objects At Police and Damage Fence Outside Building ) His crime? The merciless act of smothering his own newborn son, Kaseem Watkins, with a pillow, driven to a dark precipice by the inconsolable cries of the innocent child.

In the corridors of justice, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office unveiled the chilling details, revealing Watkins’ guilty plea to second-degree manslaughter, a plea that laid bare the depths of a father’s depravity. But this sinister saga did not unfold in isolation; it bore the scars of additional transgressions. Watkins, in a further descent into malevolence, admitted guilt to third-degree assault, a haunting echo of violence against the child’s mother, his own girlfriend, during the fragile period of her pregnancy.

A harrowing twist in this tragic narrative unfolds as the woman, bearing the weight of unspeakable trauma, chose silence in the courtroom, refusing to testify against Watkins. Her silence, a poignant testament to the tangled web of fear and sorrow woven by the hands of domestic violence. In the quest for justice, the courtroom became a stage where unsung tragedies played out in the muted echoes of withheld testimony.

The dark clouds of accusations that initially loomed over Watkins were manifold. (truecrimedaily.com) In March 2020, he faced a barrage of charges, including two counts of second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter, and a litany of offenses that cast a shadow over the untimely demise of 7-week-old Kaseem Watkins. The laundry list of accusations spoke of a malevolent act that transcended the bounds of comprehension.

As the calendar pages turned to January 29, 2020, a haunting tableau unfolded in the apartment shared by Watkins and his girlfriend, housing not just their fractured relationship but also the cries of their three children. On that fateful day, Kaseem Watkins, at the tender age of 7 weeks, began to cry. In response, Watkins, driven to a dark abyss by the infant’s cries, “became irate with the baby’s crying and placed pillows on the infant, blocking his nose and mouth,” as recounted by the district attorney’s office.

The ghastly act didn’t end there; it was a saga of repeated cruelty inflicted upon the innocent. Watkins, in moments that defy reason and humanity, put pillows on his son’s head at least one more time between December 9, 2019, and January 29, 2020. A damning revelation emerged from baby monitor footage, capturing Watkins “grabbing Kaseem by the head and spinning his head, causing the child’s body to flail into the air, and then covering the baby with pillows.”

The dawn after this monstrous night bore witness to a waking nightmare. Watkins, oblivious in his slumber, awoke to find his infant son unresponsive. A chilling realization gripped the apartment as panic set in. Watkins’ girlfriend, a mother thrust into the depths of grief, dialed 911 in a desperate bid to save her child. Yet, fate had dealt its cruelest hand, and the baby was rushed to a hospital, only to be pronounced dead. The autopsy report, a testament to the brutality inflicted upon an innocent soul, pointed to death by asphyxia due to smothering.

In the aftermath, the haunting revelation unfolded that Watkins had woven a tapestry of torment around his son on at least one other occasion. ( đź“° 12-year-old girl was brought to hospital pregnant, doctors screamed to know the father. ) The justice system, wielding a sword of accountability, laid bare the heinous acts committed by Watkins, capturing moments of unfathomable cruelty that defy the sanctity of parenthood.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark, the voice of justice in the aftermath of this unspeakable tragedy, uttered words that echoed the collective anguish of a community. “This child had barely begun his life when his father cruelly ended it, placing pillows on top of the tiny boy until he couldn’t breathe.” In these words, justice found a voice, mourning the loss of a life extinguished in the cold grip of paternal malevolence.

As the echoes of the judge’s sentencing linger, the narrative stands as a chilling reminder of the fragility of innocence in the face of unfathomable cruelty. The haunting silence of the child’s mother, the unspoken grief etched on the faces of those who sought justice, paints a tableau of a society grappling with the shadows that lurk within its own walls. In the corridors of justice, the tale of Kaseem Watkins unfolds as a tragic chapter etched in the annals of a community, demanding introspection and an unwavering commitment to shield the vulnerable from the darkness that dwells among us.