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Video: Trump’s Girl Reveals Biden Bathroom Accident In Video?

In a surprising revelation, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene confirmed rumors surrounding President Biden’s alleged fall during a foreign trip, suggesting that he also “soiled himself.” When questioned by show host Benny Johnson, Greene remarked, “This is the reality of people in their 80s or late stage in life, especially when they suffer from conditions of late-stage dementia or Alzheimer’s… This is where people’s faculties fail. But unfortunately, Joe Biden has had it happen to him while he is President of the United States.” The disclosure raised concerns about Biden’s health and fueled speculations about his potential replacement, with Greene hinting at someone like Michelle Obama taking his place. (wrestling-edge.com)

Amidst these revelations, President Joe Biden emerges as the apparent candidate for the 2024 election. However, dissatisfaction within the Democratic party has surfaced, particularly among those who view the 81-year-old president as unfit for office. Representative Dean Phillips from Minnesota has been actively campaigning to supersede Joe Biden as the 2024 Democratic candidate. Phillips alleges that media outlets have blacklisted him under pressure from Biden, impacting his platform. In an interview, Phillips expressed his dismay, stating, “I’m appalled. (foxnews.com) I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted that professionals who ostensibly have committed their entire careers to sharing truth and providing facts are fundamentally avoiding their responsibilities.” Fox News reported that Phillips accused President Biden of influencing media outlets to avoid giving him a platform, impacting his visibility and opportunities.

Phillips criticized the media’s role in stifling democratic principles, including debate, deliberation, and compromise. He claimed that representatives of the Biden campaign have actively discouraged support for him and have attempted to limit his exposure. (t.co) While refusing to name specific individuals, Phillips pointed out a concerted effort in the media to portray him negatively, shifting his image from a “person of principle and competency to a kook.” The situation highlights not only internal strife within the Democratic party but also raises questions about the integrity of the democratic process and the role of media in shaping political narratives. The revelations surrounding Biden’s alleged health incident and the subsequent political maneuvering set the stage for a complex and potentially transformative chapter in the American political landscape.