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12-year-old girl was brought to hospital pregnant, doctors screamed to know the father.

All children can be vulnerable sometimes, and as a parent it is only natural to worry about their safety.
But, unfortunately, this was not the case with this 12-year-old girl, who was not identified due to her age. ( 📄 Man caught in vehicle with 11-year-old girl, ‘police left stunned when they realized that’s not the worst part’! ) The 12-year-old girl become pregnant after she was reportedly trafficked then sold into a forced marriage.
She was confirmed to be three months pregnant after being taken to the a hospital accompanied by two adults. After speaking to the girl in private, the stunned doctors suspected she had been a victim of human trafficking and called the police, who have arrested the two adults.
The girl had a large baby bump and stretch marks and was unable to answer questions.
The 12-year-old girl was brought to a hospital accompanied by a 35-year-old man and a 47-year-old woman. ( 🔗 NYPD Officer Fires 9 Shots at Unoccupied Car During Intense Brooklyn Pursuit, Faces 25 Days of Lost Vacation ) The two told doctors that the young girl was 20-years-old and needed a pregnancy test. The test revealed that the girl was indeed 12 weeks pregnant. But her young appearance attracted the attention of her doctor, who then told the two adults to wait outside. The girl was later revealed to be just 12-years-old and was abducted from her hometown in southwest China.
The girl’s “husband”, identified only by the surname Liu, claimed she was aged 20 but was unable to fool doctors, who tipped off local police. The man is quoted as saying: “I took her here to be examined — just do your job. Stop asking so many questions.”
Police found the girl didn’t possess any form of identification and have determined she is not from China. She is likely instead to be a foreign national and investigators suspect that she was abducted or bought as a foreign bride.