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DNA Investigation Deepens Mexico’s Extraterrestrial Puzzle: Polarizing UFO Enthusiast Claims 30% Non-Human Composition, Affirms Figures’ Authenticity

Embarking on a mysterious journey, the revelation of Mexico’s ‘alien’ mystery takes an unexpected turn as DNA analysis hints at the presence of tiny corpses from an ‘unknown species.’ In a riveting presentation to the nation’s Congress over the past two months, the controversial UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan brings forth mummified remains discovered in Peru. His latest endeavor, involving DNA analysis, discloses a staggering 30% of genetic material as ‘not from any known species,’ firmly asserting the authenticity of these figures as remnants of a singular skeleton, while withholding details on the remaining 70%. However, a UFO expert entering the scene introduces a twist, suggesting the possibility that these bodies might have been assembled by humans, potentially utilizing extinct animals dating back a millennium.

Maussan, a Mexican journalist, unveiled his extraordinary claims about these two mummified aliens during a captivating presentation to the country’s Congress in September. These bodies, characterized by elongated heads and three fingers on each hand, pose an unprecedented discovery, pushing the boundaries of reality as they could potentially be genuine extraterrestrial beings, a notion once confined to science fiction. Safely housed in glass-lidded boxes at Maussan’s office in Mexico City, these bodies, despite their unique features, share certain human-like characteristics. ( ๐Ÿ”— Jim Jordanโ€™s Investigation into January 6th Riot Unveils Startling Truths ) Maussan contends that their origin traces back to Peru around 2017, in close proximity to the Nazca Lines. Scientific analysis, as asserted by Maussan, points to these bodies being approximately 1,000 years old, disassociating them from any known Earthly species. (jpost.com) Astonishingly, he claims that one of these entities, identified as female, harbors eggs within.

Despite the fervor surrounding Maussan’s claims, a wave of skepticism emerges from the scientific community, including the well-respected Peruvian bio-anthropologist Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao. Citing past instances of fraudulent findings, Tomasto-Cagigao expresses frustration with the persistent traction that unfounded assertions like these gain. Detractors emphasize the urgency for transparency and rigorous testing by the global scientific community to validate or debunk Maussan’s claims.

It’s crucial to highlight Maussan’s history of presenting similar claims, with a 2017 report from a Peruvian prosecutor revealing that the bodies he showcased back then were determined to be “recently produced dolls covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate skin.” Now, as these two mummified corpses, unveiled just two months ago, undergo a fresh round of scrutiny through DNA analysis, a new layer of intrigue unfolds. (sciencetimes.com) (dailymail.co.uk)

The controversial UFO enthusiast boldly asserts that 30% of the DNA from these entities remains unidentifiable, suggesting a potential non-human origin. Carbon dating of the bodies reveals an astonishing age of over 1,000 years, challenging their connection to terrestrial evolution, according to Maussan. In a surprising development, renowned researchers align themselves with Maussan’s claims, conducting tests that they argue confirm the authenticity of these mummies as genuine creatures. While refraining from labeling them as aliens, Maussan staunchly stands by his assertion, advocating for the public’s right to be informed about non-human technology and entities. (reuters.com)

Eyewitness accounts describe these entities as a “new breed” of “non-human,” characterized by a lack of lungs or ribs. One mummy is even claimed to be “intact and alive,” exhibiting biological activity and pregnancy, hinting at the possibility of eggs. ( ๐Ÿ“„ Challenge for Kamala Harris as Protesters Disrupt Fundraiser Event ) Anthropologists from a Peruvian university add a layer to the controversy by affirming the authenticity of the mummies, although they stop short of confirming their extraterrestrial origins.

The controversy surrounding these enigmatic figures continues to unfold, with Maussan fervently pushing for a rewriting of history to embrace the reality of extraterrestrial existence. ( ๐Ÿ“บ Nancy Pelosi Faces Setback as Jordan Acknowledges Issuing Subpoena to Bank of America Regarding Jan. 6 Information ) While some researchers acknowledge the biological existence of these figures, the question of their extraterrestrial origin remains a subject of heated debate and uncertainty.