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Chilling Footage Reveals the Impact on Lungs After Two Decades of Smoking

Urgent Warning: Graphic Video Reveals Terrifying Impact of Smoking on Lungs – Viewer Discretion Advised

Photo credit: Some people have said the clip will help them kick the habit. Credit: Pexels/Irina Iriser

Prepare yourself for a haunting glimpse into the consequences of smoking as the UK government aims to tighten restrictions on cigarettes. (ladbible.com) Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s proposed legislation hints at gradually raising the legal age to purchase cigarettes each year. ( ๐Ÿ“„ Jim Jordanโ€™s Investigation into January 6th Riot Unveils Startling Truths ) By 2027, this could mean that those currently 14 will never legally buy a cigarette. While this plan is bold, a more visceral deterrent emerges in the form of a chilling video capturing the devastating effects of prolonged smoking on the lungs.

Photo credit: ladbible.com

Filmed in 2018 by North Carolina nurse Amanda Eller, the video presents a stark comparison between two sets of lungs: one healthy and pink, the other blackened and grey. Inflation and deflation demonstrate the stark contrast in elasticity, revealing the damage caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cancerous lungs. The nurse poignantly explains, “Because these lungs are COPD lungs, cancerous lungs, the elastin has gone – so they’ll stretch out but the recoil of them just snaps right back, because there’s nothing to help hold them open.” (ladbible.com)

Switching to the healthy lungs, she demonstrates their resilient inflation and deflation, emphasizing the stark contrast in functionality. The powerful video, reshared recently, has stirred significant online attention, sparking reactions from users. One TikTok user, appalled by the footage, commented, “This is vile and should be enough to put people off smoking. (ladbible.com) I’ve never smoked and only drink socially.” Another, a longtime smoker, expressed unease: “I’ve now smoked for 27 years and I’m 41. This freaks me out so much but I can’t seem to kick it.”

A former respiratory ward worker urged people to reconsider their habits, stating, “I used to work on an adult respiratory ward, and believe me, you should give up smoking and don’t do drugs.” The impact of the video even inspired someone planning to quit: “I’m getting ready to attempt to stop smoking again. (ladbible.com) I’m saving this video, thank you.” (ladbible.com) (ladbible.com) ( ๐Ÿ”— Challenge for Kamala Harris as Protesters Disrupt Fundraiser Event )

If this shocking video has ignited a desire to break free from the grip of cigarettes, resources like the NHS’s stop smoking services can provide valuable assistance. (ladbible.com) It’s a stark reminder that sometimes the most powerful messages are those that expose the harsh realities, urging individuals to make choices that can profoundly impact their health and well-being. (ladbible.com) (nhs.uk) ( ๐Ÿ“ฐ Nancy Pelosi Faces Setback as Jordan Acknowledges Issuing Subpoena to Bank of America Regarding Jan. 6 Information )