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Lifeless Body of Unidentified Woman Discovered in Water Drum

In a distressing incident, an unidentified woman’s lifeless body was found wrapped in a plastic bag within a water drum on an empty plot near Fatima Masjid in Karachi’s Defence Phase VII area. Preliminary investigations by Defence Police Station House Officer (SHO) Shaukat Awan suggest murder, with the coroner’s findings awaited for a definitive comment on the crime’s nature. ( 🔗 “Brace Yourself for Conscription: Americans Advised to Ready for an Impending Conflict” ) Police Surgeon Dr. Summaiya Syed, who examined the victim’s body at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), revealed that the woman’s mouth was bound with a cloth, and samples collected await further reports for the exact cause of death.

The Korangi police, referring to the autopsy report, confirmed the victim received a toxic injection after a sexual assault. The advanced state of decomposition poses challenges in identifying the victim, estimated to be in her 30s. SHO Awan noted that the police have gathered “significant clues” about the woman’s identity and potential motives behind the alleged murder. ( 📰 Ancient Ailment Resurfacing Alarmingly in the UK as Instances Surge: ‘This Infection Sparks Grave Concern’ ) This grim discovery adds to recent incidents of violence against women in Karachi, including the police probing the death of a newly married woman last week in Karachi’s DHA.

This incident follows a pattern, with a 35-year-old woman shot dead in Orangi Town last month over a “personal dispute” and another allegedly shot dead by her husband in September, citing ‘honour’ as the motive. These cases underscore a concerning trend of violence against women in the city. (tribune.com.pk) A report by the National Commission of Human Rights reveals a disturbing reality, with approximately 63,000 cases of gender-based violence reported in Pakistan over the past three years.

The gruesome discovery in Karachi’s Phase VII area further emphasizes the urgent need for concerted efforts to address and combat gender-based violence, ensuring the safety and protection of women in the country. ( 📺 Liz Cheney Responds Following Mike Johnson’s Declaration of January 6 Video Release ) (globalvillagespace.com) The authorities are actively investigating the recent incident while grappling with the broader challenge of creating a safer environment for women.