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A Woman’s Revelations After Experiencing Death and Returning Illuminate the Purpose of Our Existence on Earth

journey transcending life and death, Sharon Kumara shares her poignant encounters with the afterlife, unveiling a tale that blends tragedy, enlightenment, and divine intervention. ( 📈 “Go Home Traitor” GOP Presidential Candidate Slammed by Americans After Issuing Powerful Promise ) A story that begins with a childhood marred by abuse takes an unexpected turn into the mystical realms beyond, offering profound insights into the purpose of human existence on Earth. (ohmymag.co.uk) Sharon’s harrowing experiences with a malevolent family member, tormenting her with relentless abuse, unfold against the backdrop of a messy divorce, a traumatic backdrop shaping her early years. (podcasts.apple.com) The narrative takes a surreal twist when, at the tender age of 9, Sharon, collecting rocks in the orchard, is subjected to a brutal assault that catapults her into an ethereal void. In this timeless space, she encounters an otherworldly being, recognized as Jesus, who imparts a divine message that she has ‘suffered enough.’

Photo credit: Woman who died discovered the meaning of our existence

This revelation is mysteriously wiped from Sharon’s memory upon her revival, only to resurface after a second near-death experience, marking the onset of a transformative chapter in her life. As she navigates the complexities of adulthood, an exhilarating day tubing down a Texas river leads to a catastrophic accident, propelling Sharon once again into the realms beyond mortality. Floating above her lifeless form, she watches a chilling scene unfold—a bus hurtling towards her motionless body. ( 📰 Study Claims More American Men Are Being Hospitalized For Having Foreign Objects Stuck Inside Their Rectum ) The vivid description mirrors the dissociative experience documented in studies on near-death encounters. (news.sky.com)

Sharon’s journey takes an emotional turn as she contemplates the impact of her potential demise on loved ones, realizing the profound loss they would endure. The narrative takes an ethereal twist with the appearance of her deceased stepdad, urging her not to linger in the afterlife. A celestial portal unfolds, revealing ancestral beings on either side, their stoic expressions devoid of the customary warmth associated with welcoming spirits. ( 🔗 The Side Effects of Sleeping Without Removing Your Socks: 5 Compelling Reasons ) Amidst this cosmic spectacle, a radiant light emerges, heralding the return of Jesus. In this reunion, Sharon describes a merging of energies, an intimate connection transcending the physical. ( 📺 ‘Time traveller’ comes back from the year 2671 to warn ‘real-life Purge’ is coming )

For someone who had harbored skepticism about organized religion, Sharon is enveloped in Jesus’s overwhelming compassion, a transformative experience where doubts dissolve in the radiance of divine love. ( 🔗 Congressional Decision on Mayorkas Impeachment Announced by Speaker Mike Johnson ) A celestial odyssey commences as Jesus extends an invitation to journey through the cosmos, culminating in a surreal swim within a celestial ‘water planet.’ Sharon’s newfound perspective allows her to perceive the planet’s inhabitants and express an all-encompassing love. ( 📰 Alleged Scheme Reveals Organized Beheading of Ukrainian Generals ) (ohmymag.co.uk) Reuniting with a family from this ethereal realm, the details blur as her memory traverses the boundary between worlds.

The return to earthly existence comes with the harsh realities of physical trauma—muscle, nerve, and ligament damage, the tangible aftermath of an accident that defied mortality. Sharon’s commitment to retrieving the memories of her extraordinary experiences becomes a testament to the profound impact of her divine encounters. In the wake of these transformative events, she dedicates herself to intense work with Jesus, carrying forward the lessons imparted during her sojourns into the ethereal.

Central to Sharon’s revelations is a profound truth—’God is love, we are God.’ Her encounter with Jesus underscores the human mission on Earth, an endeavor to express the boundless love that transcends the mortal realm. (ohmymag.co.uk) For those skeptical of such extraordinary tales, Sharon’s journey serves as a reminder that each person’s relationship with death is a unique tapestry, weaving together the mystical and the mundane. In essence, treating others with the kindness one desires remains a universal principle, bridging the celestial and earthly realms in the intricate dance of existence. (ohmymag.co.uk)