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Black Graduate’s Bold Move Shakes Up Graduation Ceremony – Here’s Why

A recent incident at Queens College has sparked a heated debate online regarding representation and equality. A black college graduate from Queens Community College has defended her actions after grabbing a microphone from a white educator during her graduation ceremony.

Photo credit: news-us.feednews.com

The graduate, identified as Kadia Iman, a digital content creator and OnlyFans model, took to social media to address the criticism she faced. She stated, “I’m a black woman in America. I am always in the right… You will not gaslight me into thinking I’m the bad guy. I did it for girls that look like me. Love u.”

Photo credit: news-us.feednews.com

Iman’s actions were captured on video and shared on TikTok, where it quickly gained traction before being removed from her page. In the footage, Iman can be seen forcefully taking the microphone from the white educator, who tried to resist but eventually lost her grip.

Photo credit: news-us.feednews.com

Iman explained in a follow-up video that she was prevented from fully stating her name during the ceremony, as the white educator hurriedly lowered the microphone. (news-us.feednews.com) She felt that this treatment was unfair, especially after witnessing previous graduates being given the opportunity to share additional details about themselves.

Photo credit: news-us.feednews.com

Iman, along with another student, noticed a discrepancy in the treatment of black students and decided to take action to reclaim her moment. While Iman’s actions have received support from many TikTok users, conservative political commentator Matt Walsh criticized her in a tweet, questioning her significance and intelligence.

However, his comments were met with backlash from those who praised Iman’s bravery in standing up for herself and other marginalized individuals. The incident has sparked a broader conversation about representation and the experiences of black individuals in academic settings.

It sheds light on the importance of creating inclusive environments where all students feel respected and heard. As discussions surrounding the incident continue, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by marginalized individuals and the need for progress towards equality and inclusivity in all aspects of society.

Iman’s actions were not only a statement for herself but for all black women who have faced similar situations. It is time for academic institutions to recognize the importance of representation and inclusivity and take steps towards creating a more equitable environment for all students.