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Teenager Chased by Machete-Wielding Schoolboys in Melbourne Tragedy

In a bone-chilling display captured on video, an unsettling scene unfolded as a teenager was pursued through the streets of Melbourne by two schoolboys wielding menacing machetes, shortly before meeting his tragic demise. Pasawm Lyhym, a 16-year-old who had sought refuge in Australia with his family from Myanmar, fell victim to a fatal stabbing near Sunshine Station in the city’s western region, at approximately 3:45 pm on a fateful Thursday afternoon.

Confronted on a suburban street, the young teenager attempted to escape as his assailants relentlessly pursued him, leaving an air of desperation hanging in the atmosphere. Recently surfaced footage showcases the heart-pounding spectacle of two teenagers, one of whom still donning a school bag and tie, sprinting down the sunlit street, brandishing menacingly large knives.

Law enforcement officials have revealed that two other 16-year-old boys suffered injuries during the altercation, one receiving immediate on-site medical attention, while the other required hospitalization. In relation to the ongoing investigation, a 17-year-old boy was initially apprehended on Friday but was subsequently released without charge the following morning, leaving the case shrouded in further perplexity. Another 18-year-old male from Burnside was also interviewed by the police, yet he too was released without charge, leaving the path open for continued investigations.

Amidst this harrowing incident, local community leaders have expressed their desire for a weapons amnesty, grappling with the devastating loss and the alarming rise in knife-carrying among young individuals. Reflecting on the disheartening circumstances, Detective Superintendent Janet Stevenson disclosed that the altercation involved two distinct groups from separate schools, all within the 15 to 16-year-old age range, each familiar with one another. Shedding light on the events leading up to the tragic encounter, she stated, “They’ve met down near the Sunshine bus station, and that’s where an altercation has taken place.”

As the investigation intensifies, a spokesperson for the Victoria Police emphasized the ongoing search for a third boy linked to the incident, urging him to come forward and contribute to the inquiry. “Detectives are tirelessly working to ascertain the precise circumstances surrounding the incident and the motivations driving the altercation,” the spokesperson emphasized.

David Lord, the principal of Staughton College, where Pasawm was enrolled as a student, expressed profound shock and devastation enveloping the school community following the untimely loss. In his poignant statement, he conveyed the collective grief, saying, “The Staughton College community is reeling from the senseless death of one of our students in Sunshine yesterday. We are providing unwavering support to the grieving family and friends, ensuring that students and staff receive the necessary assistance during this deeply distressing time.”

The Department of Education echoed their deepest sympathies for the bereaved family, friends, and the wider school community, pledging support and solidarity. In their heartfelt message, they conveyed a sincere commitment to navigate the arduous journey of healing alongside those affected by this tragic incident.

Authorities are appealing to any witnesses or individuals possessing information regarding the incident to come forward, urging them to share any relevant mobile phone recordings, dashcam footage, or CCTV material with Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, in an effort to shed further light on this bewildering event.