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Emergency Services Race Against Time to Free Trapped Schoolchildren After Bus Crash

In a harrowing incident that left a community in shock, ten schoolchildren were left with serious injuries after their school bus collided with a truck, causing the bus to flip onto its side. The crash resulted in several children being trapped, sparking a frantic rescue operation.

Victoria Police Superintendent Michael Cruse expressed relief that no fatalities occurred, stating, “It’s very lucky that the incident isn’t more serious, but I must stress it’s still a very serious incident.” The scene was described as significant, with the bus suffering extensive damage and being overturned. The crash took place at the intersection of Exford and Murphys Rd in Eynesbury, on the outskirts of Melbourne, around 3:40 pm on Tuesday.

Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene, including personnel from the Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES), paramedics, and police. Their efforts focused on freeing the trapped children from the bus, while local bystanders, parents, and teachers provided comfort and support. Photos from the scene captured the intense rescue operation as emergency workers utilized emergency exits to extricate those who were trapped.

According to Ambulance Victoria, ten children were transported to the hospital, along with an adult and three other children who were in stable condition. The gravity of the situation was emphasized by the fact that nearly 50 primary school children were on board the bus at the time of the accident.

Superintendent Cruse explained that the preliminary investigation suggests the bus was attempting to make a right turn into Murphys Rd when the collision occurred, involving the truck’s rear wheel. Remarkably, several children were aided by good Samaritans before emergency services arrived, highlighting the community’s swift response in the face of a crisis.

One mother, Nicole Kirk, shared the anguish she experienced when she learned of her child’s involvement in the incident. She described the chaos and emotions at the scene, expressing her daughter’s fear and injuries, saying, “She was more concerned about her friends; she had her seatbelt on and she was fine. We are one of the lucky ones.”

Superintendent Cruse echoed the sentiment of fortune, acknowledging that while several children were injured, the outcome could have been far worse. The accident occurred in close proximity to Exford Primary School, adding to the sense of shock and concern among the local community.

The 49-year-old truck driver involved in the crash stopped at the scene and is cooperating with the ongoing police investigation. Authorities are working to determine the exact circumstances leading to the collision and to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

As the community begins the process of healing and recovery, the focus remains on the well-being and rehabilitation of the injured children. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for continued vigilance to protect the lives of our most vulnerable members.