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Teen suffers third-degree burns in TikTok challenge gone wrong involving makeshift blowtorch

The ubiquity of dangerous viral trends on TikTok is nothing new. In the latest instance, a 16-year-old boy sustained severe burns as a result of a challenge gone wrong. This comes after a young American lost his life due to the viral Benadryl craze. The North Carolina Post reports that a boy in the state attempted a TikTok challenge that went terribly awry, leaving him scarred with burns covering around 75% of his body.

The challenge, which has been making the rounds on social media, involves creating a temporary blowtorch out of a lighter and a can of spray paint. Last Sunday, Mason Dark was trying the trend with his friends when the can of spray paint reportedly burst with a loud bang, engulfing them in flames.

In an effort to douse the flames, Mason jumped into a nearby river, but the burns had already taken hold. He was taken to the hospital shortly afterward and is now being treated at the UNC Burn Center, where he is expected to spend at least six months. Mason underwent skin graft surgery on April 26 to begin the arduous healing process.

According to Mason’s mother Holli Dark, who spoke to WRAL, “We learn now from the surgery that he has third-degree burns… It looks like a T on his back and was caused by him pulling off his shirt, which got caught somehow.” She went on to say, “He’s not the same guy. Unrecognizable.”

Mason’s grandmother has also created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his medical expenses. “My kid Mason needs your prayers,” his mother wrote. “His body has burns on 75% of it. On Sunday, April 23, 2023, in the late afternoon, there was an accident. He dived into the river to put out the fire. In addition to having 2nd and 3rd-degree burns, there is a substantial danger of infection from the river water. We are grateful to be in the Chapel Hill UNC Burn Center. It is among the best in the country. Mason still has a ways to go. Please say a prayer for his healing. He is under anesthesia and in excruciating discomfort.”

This tragic incident comes just days after a 13-year-old American boy from Ohio passed away after accidentally overdosing on over-the-counter medicine while attempting to follow a popular TikTok trend. The young adolescent lost his life after taking 12 to 14 Benadryl antihistamine tablets as part of the “Benadryl Challenge” on the social media platform.

These incidents are a stark reminder of the dangers of participating in viral trends without considering the risks. While social media can provide an outlet for creativity and fun, it’s essential to prioritize safety and caution above all else. Mason’s injuries will require months of healing, and his family and friends will undoubtedly be impacted by this tragedy for years to come. As Mason’s mother puts it, “Please say a prayer for his healing.”