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How Princess Charlene’s absence has sparked rumors and speculation about the state of Monaco’s monarchy and Prince Albert II’s future plans.

Amidst a combative media, a colonial past and rebellious children, the new King Charles III faces a unique set of challenges as he begins his reign. Unlike a CEO, there aren’t many self-help books on ruling a successful monarchy. However, there are a dozen European royal families who understand the unique challenges of royalty, who can offer helpful solutions.

One such royal family is Norway’s, where Princess Martha Louise’s controversial activities, including setting up a school where she teaches people how to “get in contact with angels”, led to her demotion from royal duties. However, the family’s love and affection for each other has meant that there are no hurtful rifts within the family.

In Denmark, the royal family’s excellent relationship with the media proved valuable when Queen Margrethe II announced her decision to cut her eight grandchildren from the royal payroll and strip them of their royal titles. This led to Prince Joachim publicly expressing his feelings on the matter. The Queen’s statement acknowledging her underestimation of her son’s feelings helped defuse the crisis and maintain the royal family’s high approval ratings.

Speaking about Belgium’s colonial past, Belgian King Philippe expressed his “deepest regrets” for the harm and suffering inflicted on the Congolese people during the country’s colonial rule. The speech marks the first time a Belgian monarch has acknowledged the country’s colonial past in Africa.