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Apple’s upcoming health coaching service to be powered by AI and based on user data

Apple, the tech giant, is reportedly developing an innovative health coaching service, codenamed “Quartz,” which is anticipated to be fueled by artificial intelligence (AI). The proposed program aims to inspire individuals to boost their physical activities, enhance their eating habits, and enjoy better sleep. The Quartz project is intended to customize its coaching programs based on the data procured from the Apple Watch for each user’s individual needs, according to a Bloomberg report. Apple’s health initiatives have made health and wellness attributes a significant aspect of its devices, particularly the Apple Watch.

Apple is planning to introduce an iPad version of the iPhone health app, which is essential to its health endeavors, later this year as part of iPadOS 17, and it will have additional features to assist individuals with poor vision. The proposed health service is slated to launch next year, but the company hasn’t released any statement concerning the plan. However, it is plausible that the project may be postponed or canceled.

The Quartz project is a collaborative effort of several Apple teams, including those responsible for health, Siri, AI, and services. Apple’s goal is to augment the app’s appeal in healthcare settings, where tablets have become more commonplace, and for the health app to function as a repository for fitness data, external health records, and as a platform for patients to share information with their physicians.

Regarding the new initiative, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the specifics of the project, stating that the company does not provide information about unreleased products. The upcoming health coaching service appears to be another of Apple’s steps towards delivering innovation and seamless health solutions to its customers.