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Common Reasons Why People Take Bad Credit Small Business Loans

There is no room for emotions when it comes to business financing. If an individual starts a business he needs capital. Very few have oodles of cash to invest. They rely on cash flow to keep the gears of business grinding. Unfortunately, Murphy’s law strikes and they end up in situations where they slide into the “bad credit” sector. No lender will take pity and generous heartedly advance loans on soft terms to help such people recover. The simple reason is that financiers consider that people with bad credit are not competent enough to manage their finances and lending them would be like pouring good money down the drain. The only viable option left is for people with bad credit to take small business loans.

Why go this way? Why take bad credit small business loans? The answers are not far to seek.

• Poor credit means usual routes of financing such as banks are out of the question. Banks will not advance money for people in this predicament.

• If one has bad credit, it is also likely that the individual already is burdened with debt, an existing loan or mortgage. Even if a bank wished to advance money, there is no collateral the loanee can offer. Banks also look at previous 3 years’ performance, which, naturally, would not be up to the mark.

• Business owners with poor credit may try approaching relatives and friends but even they shy off because they know the situation.

• People with bad credit prefer small business loans simply because of the soft terms such as no need to have a positive credit score, no need to furnish collateral and no need to furnish a guarantor. The downside to such loans is that borrowers end up paying higher processing fees and higher interest. In short, money is expensive for them but, as they say, a stitch in time saves nine.

• It is not that people with bad credit are always in a precarious situation and are not able to fulfill obligations. There are times when there is a shortage of cash such as when incoming payments are held up and one needs short-term capital to meet immediate needs. In such cases, even if the cost of money is high, a small business loan helps.

• There is immediacy to the requirement of funds. Small business funding may be the only way an individual with poor credit can get his hands on cash within a couple of days. All other processes may take weeks or even months.

• The process is easy. There are fewer questions asked and fewer documents required when one thinks of this type of loan.

• Repayments are tied to future sales by credit card, either as the percentage or fixed amount per month and tenure may range from one to two years.

These are succinct reasons why people take bad credit small business loans and when they are available from considerate lenders, these business owners can get back on their feet.

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