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Meghan Markle’s Alleged Plan to Target Royal Family Foiled by King Charles

A purported royal expert has alleged that Meghan Markle orchestrated Prince Harry’s trip to the UK in order to target the royal family yet again, but King Charles reportedly foiled the plan.

A biographer, Angela Levin, suggested that the Duke of Sussex had an ulterior motive in his unannounced visit to the UK, which was due to the start of a privacy case Harry and Sir Elton John had brought against Associated Newspapers. Levin claimed that Harry “wants to crash the monarchy” and “take over with Meghan,” making her the one in charge. Levin further added that “the Duchess sent him over because he wouldn’t do anything that she wouldn’t agree to, to see whether he would be allowed back in America because of the drugs.”

The royal family is said to have snubbed Harry, who stayed at Frogmore Cottage, and refused to meet with him for even an hour during his trip to the country. According to an insider, the 74-year-old monarch, Prince William, and other senior royals were aware that “Harry could cash all his meetings with the family and might make the discussions public to make his alleged bosses happy.”

Legal experts suggest that Harry’s admission of past drug use in his memoir could raise questions over his visa as he admitted to using cocaine, mushrooms, and other drugs. This could potentially render him inadmissible.

The UK visit provided Harry with an opportunity to prove he was more popular and powerful than the King and get himself on the newspaper front pages. However, the King and Queen’s trip to Germany was a resounding success, with crowds eagerly chanting “we want King Charles” as thousands waited hours in the pouring rain to catch a glimpse of the royal couple on a balcony in Hamburg.