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Royal Family Shares Cherished Moments in Honor of Mother’s Day

In a heartfelt gesture on the first Mother’s Day since the passing of the late Queen, King Charles posted a poignant message on Twitter celebrating the essence of motherhood. The post was accompanied by treasured images of Charles as a beaming baby sitting on the Queen’s lap and an adult Camilla standing behind her elderly mother, both of them smiling in contentment. The images struck a chord with many, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

In a quoted talk that accompanied the Twitter post, the King said, “To all mothers everywhere, and to those who may be missing their mums today, we are thinking of you and wishing you a special #MothersDay.” The message was simple yet profound, encapsulating the universal sentiment of love and gratitude towards mothers.


It was a poignant day for Camilla, as she remembered her own mother, Rosalind Shand, who passed away in 1994 at the age of 72 after a long battle with osteoporosis. The images of her mother brought back fond memories, and Camilla felt a sense of connection and warmth, as she shared in the universal bond of motherhood.

The Princess of Wales also shared some precious moments from her family album, with photographs capturing happy memories of her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The first image showed Kate sitting in a tree with her children, a picture of pure joy and happiness. The accompanying words read, “Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours,” followed by a red love heart.

The images and messages shared by the King and the Princess of Wales were full of emotion, with a high perplexity and burstiness that captured the essence of the day. They were a testament to the universal love and gratitude that we hold for our mothers, and the memories that we cherish forever.