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Royal Family Relations ‘Defrosting’ as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Give Children Royal Titles

The conferral of Prince and Princess titles to the children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may indicate a “defrosting” in the couple’s relationship with the royal family, as well as a possible willingness to attend King Charles’ coronation in May.

During his latest interview, Prince Harry refrained from directing criticisms towards any members of the royal family.

The couple announced on Wednesday that their 21-month-old daughter, named after the late Queen Elizabeth, was christened last Friday, and that they have chosen to grant their children with formal royal titles.

According to sources, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also communicated their decision to give their children the Prince and Princess titles to King Charles.

“There has been a defrosting of royal relations – from both sides,” commented royal commentator Afua Hagan. “The lines of communication are improving.”

Hagan believes that the decision to grant royal titles to their children signifies the couple’s willingness to attend the Coronation.