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Experts Question Whether Prince Harry Has Been Brainwashed

Prince Harry has raised significant concern among experts, who have begun questioning whether the royal has fallen victim to brainwashing tactics.

According to Princess Diana‚Äôs former butler Paul Burell, the prince has been subject to “repeated attacks” and has been “brainwashed”. Burell believes that his years of service have provided him with insight into the inner workings of the establishment, and that his opinion carries weight.

“I think I’m fairly balanced in what I say coming from that place and knowing how the establishment works after 20-plus years of service,” Burell stated. “I don’t know what’s happened to Harry. It’s as if he’s been brainwashed, he’s changed so much.”

During a conversation with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Burell noted that the prince was previously “a free, easy-going boy full of fun”, but has since become “very serious and very media-minded”. The transformation has left Burell and other experts questioning what has happened to the prince, and whether he has been subjected to undue influence.