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From tragedy to triumph: Brooklinn Khoury’s journey of perseverance and growth

Brooklinn Khoury’s multitude of surgeries, which she underwent to mend the damage done to her upper lip and part of her nose after a pit bull attack in 2020, have resulted in scars that are barely perceptible, according to her. The 23-year-old professional skateboarder shared a TikTok video on Sunday documenting her progress, highlighting her surgeon’s cunning ability to “hide my scars in my smile.” Khoury went on to show before-and-after photographs of her face, noting how each operation helped her face look better gradually.

Khoury also recently shared a set of progression photos on Instagram, reminiscing about the fear she experienced when she initially sustained her injuries and reflecting on her perseverance. “Whatever you are going through it will get better, and it will happen the way it needs to,” she stated, emphasizing that timing is both unpredictable and divine. “Thank God for giving me the strength, and the people I have in my life to help me grow, and continue to trust the process,” Khoury added, recalling how difficult it was to see the future when she was mauled by the dog.

Khoury’s photo taken immediately after the attack, which revealed the extent of her injuries, proved to be invaluable to her doctor. “It’s crazy because this photo has helped my doctor tremendously because he was able to see the original bite marks from the attack and kind of map out what happened,” she shared.