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Man’s Unconventional Love: He Plans to Marry His Rag Doll and Start a Family

A curious tale has taken the internet by storm. One man’s love story is like no other – a relationship with his rag doll partner, Natalia. The couple has been together for a year, and their love has only grown stronger with time. In his TikTok videos, the man, who goes by the username @montbk5959, has shared the journey of his unique relationship with Natalia, and their shared life with their rag doll children.

The videos of Natalia and the man have gone viral, sparking a heated debate among his 9,000 followers. Some expressed their concern, urging the man to remove comments on many of his videos. Despite the backlash, the man remains committed to his love and shared, “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something.”

According to @montbk5959, he waited years before falling in love with Natalia, with whom he plans to spend the rest of his life. He shared, “With my little girl, we watch TV and talk about everything. They don’t know how much I love her. I plan to get married.”

While this love story may seem unusual to many, the man is not the only one to have started a relationship with a rag doll. Meirivone Rocha Moraes, who married her rag doll Marcelo, shared her story earlier this year. She said, “He doesn’t fight with me, he doesn’t argue, and he just understands me. Marcelo is a great and faithful husband. He is such a man, and all women envy him.”

Love can come in many forms, and for @montbk5959, it is the love he has for Natalia and his rag doll family that brings him happiness. The wedding may be unconventional, but love knows no bounds.