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Royal Fallout: Prince William Seeks Revenge against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Sources have come forward after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series made waves, revealing that even those closest to the royal family have been affected. While King Charles III is reportedly saddened by the allegations, Camilla, Queen Consort, was left devastated by the docuseries. However, Kate Middleton’s camp has been relatively silent, but an unnamed friend has spoken out, telling Us Weekly that the mother of three feels betrayed by Prince Harry. The source explained that although Kate Middleton did not watch the documentary, her staff members briefed her, and she’s hurt and upset with Prince Harry, whom she once considered a close friend. The source went on to say that Prince William is also feeling angry and working behind the scenes to make Prince Harry and Markle feel his wrath.

While the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has reportedly come to an end, others claim that Prince William will do everything in his power to make sure that Prince Harry and Markle and their young children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, are not invited to King Charles’s coronation ceremony. The event is scheduled to take place on May 6, 2023, and Prince William wants to ensure that his wife, Kate Middleton, is not bothered by Markle and Prince Harry’s presence. In the Netflix series, Markle has shared private details about the royal family, including her claim that Kate Middleton was not kind or warm to her during their first dinner. Markle also spoke about Prince William, claiming that his communications secretary had given a witness statement that made her look bad in her lawsuit against the publication of a private letter to her father. The Duchess of Sussex stated that Prince William authorized the statement and called him a liar. Although King Charles wants peace with Prince Harry, Prince William is reportedly determined to seek revenge by keeping Prince Harry and Markle out of the coronation.